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  • Crown & Bridge

    Crowns are caps or coverings made on the top surface of teeth especially in root canal treated teeth to prevent fracture. Bridges are artificial teeth used to replace missing natural teeth.

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  • Implants

    Implants are the latest entrants into this field to replace missing natural teeth. Titanium screws are inserted into the bone and after a waiting period of 3 months.

  • Removable Dentures

    When all the teeth are missing full dentures are the only economic solution. - When one or more teeth are present removable partial dentures can be used to replace missing teeth.

  • Smile Designing & Veneers

    Who doesn’t want to exhibit a pleasing smile ?A pleasing smile can brighten up any occasion. - But due to misplaced teeth and darker colour of teeth at times they fail to give the desired result.

  • Paediatric Treatments

    Dental treatment of children are done in a pleasing , stressfree atmosphere with various distraction techniques to help the kids to undergo treatment with minimum fear.

  • Gum Treatments

    Large number of people in their old age are affected by deseases of the gums called gingivitis, periodontitis, mobility of teeth etc.

  • EXTRACTIONS (Removal of teeth)

    Inspite of all attempts to save a tooth, sometimesthey need to be removed. They are mostly done by simple extractions but at times they need to be removed surgically.

  • Root Canal Treatments

    When the decay reaches the nerve inside the tooth, fillings cannot be performed and then root canal treatment is the only refuge.

  • Dental Cosmetic Fillings

    Decayed teeth need to be protected by removing the caries and permanently filling with suitable long standing materials. The black silver fillings of olden days..

  • Crown Lengthening and Post Core

    When a tooth is badly damaged, they cannot be restored back to function. In such cases a post is placed inside the root of the tooth and the tooth is strengthened to receive a crown..

  • Orthodontics

    Misplaced and malaligned teeth are brought back to the desired position to give an esthetic and functional look with different kinds of braces...

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